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Becoming a member of YLN, gives you the opportunity to use your energy, time and resources to help empower the Latino community in Cleveland, as well as in the state of Ohio and beyond. We are excited for you to join our efforts in this great mission.

Becoming a member of YLN also gives you the opportunity to develop your personal leadership skills. Through volunteer opportunities in the community, among the YLN organization and through leadership development courses, you will have plenty of opportunities to try to new things, get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to new heights in leadership.

Finally, by becoming a member of YLN, you will be able to expand your network to a greater degree. YLN is a partner with many organizations within the Cleveland community and as a member, you have access to individuals that you may not otherwise have access to. By becoming a member, you will automatically expand your network by 100+ individuals who are also a part of YLN. Besides that, by attending our events, you will have access to some of the most competitive organizations in this region.

The benefits of joining:

  • *Network and search for Career Opportunities
  • *Become affiliated with a young professional organization to develop your brand, image, reputation, and resume
  • *Find mentors with comparable attributes that compliment your identity, culture, and values
  • *Great way to give back to the community through volunteering and civic engagement
  • *Become surrounded by positive Latinos that care about the community and make a difference
  • *Be part of a group that places emphasis on career & professional development
  • *Access to a safe environment where you could stretch your leadership skills
  • *Opportunity to meet established Latino leaders in the community
  • *Expose your skill set to a broader audience in order to advance your career
  • *Raise awareness about the gravity of our Latino community issues

Membership for YLN is $25.00 annually.

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